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Anthony Bailey's blog
Review: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars
The Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Blue Mars, Green Mars) by Kim Stanley Robinson

book coverI read The Mars Trilogy since it loiters near the top of most of the lists of great sci-fi novels I've encountered. This is mostly a "me too, +1" review.

book cover The three books follow the fortunes of the "First Hundred" Mars colonists. There is plenty of hard structural and terraforming science, and much exploration of the social and political fall-out of founding a separated human world, but it shines as a story about fascinating people and their lengthened lives.

book cover As I read, my simplifying pattern-matching machinery decided "this is Deadwood in space", and it is a strong enough analogy I think that, with enough love and skill, a TV adaptation could work - despite understandable concerns to the contrary.


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